About Amity

My name is Amity Engleson, I live in Rochester, NY and I am a classical homeopath.  A classical homeopath is someone who only gives out one remedy at a time-no multiple remedies will ever be given.  I went to the Homeopathy School Of Colorado for my training.

I became interested in homeopathy after both of my girls were born,  when someone suggested I try a remedy for an ear issue I was having with my daughter.  It worked wonders for her ear! I bought a remedy kit and began using it as needed with my family.  From there I decided I should get some in depth training so I would be able to help more than the occasional fever or flu.


I have been a preschool teacher, doula, nanny, coupon blogger, pampered chef consultant, and a mom to 2 daughters-I think all of these experiences have enhanced who I am as a person.

My wish is that everyone in the Rochester, NY area and beyond will realize the wonders that homeopathy can do for simple or complex ailments!!

I enjoy helping others and would like to help you achieve the health that you deserve!!  I currently meet clients at East Side Wellness in Fairport, NY on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can make house calls on other days

The art of healing comes from Nature, not the physician... Every illness has its own remedy within itself... A man could not be born alive and healthy were there not already a physician hidden in him ~Paracelsus~