Initial Consult

The initial consult will take anywhere from 1 1/2-2 hours long.  During this time we will discuss your main complaint as well as any other complaints that you have, medical history, life altering events, how you handle stress, foods you love and hate, when/where you feel your best, sleep patterns, etc.

This appointment will be different than any other you have experienced!  You will be heard! From all the information you give, I find a remedy that best matches you.

I do not hand out remedies at first appointments-why? I want to take time to review everything we discussed and make sure the remedy I give is a good match to you.


Follow Up Appointments

Follow Up Appointments are necessary to assess how the remedy is working.  They take about 30 minutes and we go over the complaints you have and how they have changed, if they are gone, or new things have come up.

Acute Care

Acute Care Appointments are for those illnesses that sort of spring up out of nowhere but are not life threatening.  Flu, strep, food poisoning, ear infections, sore throats, digestive issues, etc.  I am NOT a doctor-so if you feel you need to go see one, GO!!!



This is not a vaccine treatment!  This is an alternative using homeopathic remedies to allow the body to develop resistance to certain diseases.  No shots, no toxic fillers.  Whole range of diseases covered. Can be used if you do not want to vaccinate or if you are traveling and are worried about diseases in other countries, also good for those outbreaks around town that we all hear about.



The art of healing comes from Nature, not the physician... Every illness has its own remedy within itself... A man could not be born alive and healthy were there not already a physician hidden in him ~Paracelsus~